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Barton, Rich

American Politics, Congress, and Political Parties 


Brown, Trevor

American politics, political economy, social policy, and inequality


Cepuran, Colin

American Politics, American Political Development, Policy Feedback, and Political Participation

Howard, Kyle

American Political Development; American Coalitions and Party Alignments; Pubic Opinion (Elites v. Mass Publics); Public Policy

Khanna, Kanika


Leavitt, Claire


Salinas, Erica

American politics, Latina/o politics, race and ethnicity, political participation and criminal justice


Scott, Adrienne

American politics, social policy, federalism, and inequality

Wong, Diane

American politics, Asian American politics, race and ethnicity, urban politics, migration and displacement, comparative immigration, gender and sexuality, cultural and media studies, social movements, community engaged research



Baik, Jiwon

De Micheli, David

Comparative politics, ethnic and identity politics, inequality and development, social movements, Latin America


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Dettman, Sebastian

Comparative politics, political parties, elections, and subnational comparative research, with a focus on Southeast Asia


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Duong, Hoa

Public Finance; Economic Sociology; Vietnam; Southeast Asia


Dyzenhaus, Alex

Comparative Politics, Sub-Saharan Africa, Land Politics, Local Governments

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Evans, Tessa

Florence, Joseph

Comparative politics with a focus on the Middle East, political order and disorder, international trade and government finance, natural resource politics, authoritarian regimes, state-society linkages, research methodology, and political theory.


Foley, Kevin

Comparative politics and political economy with a focus on China and Southeast Asia; International relations and international political economy


Fu, Lin

Political economy, economic development, inequality, East and Southeast Asia


Gerzso, Thalia

Comparative politics, Sub-Saharan Africa, State/Peace Building, civil conflict, human rights

Guibert, Yamilé

Comparative politics, Latin America, party politics, subnational politics, voter behavior and corruption

Kim, Adoree

Comparative politics, governance, corruption, East Asia, Southeast Asia.


Lagodny, Julius

Le, Lin

Political development & Chinese politics


Ma, Shiqi

Comparative politics, state-society relations, urbanization, China


Mauro, Vincent

Marcesse, Thibaud

Ethnicity, political parties, South Asian politics, politics of foreign aid (with a focus on governance and transitions)


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Patana, Pauliina

Political parties, nationalism and far-right politics, voter behavior, political economy, redistribution and social welfare, the EU


Pruett, Lindsey

Sanchez-Gomez, Jose

Comparative politics, Latin America, contentious politics, institutional change


Self, Darin

Authoritarian successor parties, party system institutionalization, populism, and anocratic electoral institutions

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Strongwater, Alison

comparative politics, authoritarian regimes, biopolitics, Chinese politics, Asian security

Taylor, Whitney

comparative politics, law and society, social movements and contentious politics, human rights


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Toor, Gaurav

Civil Wars, State-Building, Post-War Reconstruction, Ethnic Politics, Sub-Saharan Africa, Econometrics, Mixed Methods


Tran, Van

Comparative politics, with a focus on Southeast Asia


Valdez-Tappata, Maria Jimena

Comparative political economy, labor, social movements, political institutions, democracy and inequality, Latin American politics


Velasquez, Simon

Latin American politics, Social Movements, Racial & Ethnic politics, and Indigenous Politicization.


Zarkin, Jessica

Comparative Politics, Latin America, violence, organized crime and democratic development


International Relations

Acorn, Elizabeth

International law, international organizations, governance of transnational corporations, anti-corruption, law and social change


Allen, Michael

International Relations and Comparative Politics, emphasis on East Asia. International Organizations and Norms, State Identity, Bureaucracy, Chinese Politics


Barnes, Mariel


Cantelmo, Robert

International Security, Nuclear Strategy & Defense Policy, State Motivations & Decision-Making, International Cooperation & Conflict, Alliance Politics

Chai, Minqi

Backlash Politics, Political Psychology in IPE, Economic Nationalism


Chia, Colin

Security studies, international political economy, national identity and foreign policy


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Das, Debak

Security and Strategic Studies, Nuclear and Strategic Decisionmaking in South Asia, Ballistic Missile Defence, Nuclear Weapons and Missile Proliferation, Science and Technology in National Security Planning, Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation


Egel, Naomi

 International security, global governance, international institutions, arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament

George, Julie

Nuclear Security, Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation, International Organizations, Security and Strategic Studies, Comparative Politics (East and South Asia)


Hill, Matthew

International political economy, and strategic studies.


Hines, Robert Lincoln

International relations, comparative politics, nationalism, authoritarianism, focusing on China and Southeast Asia.

Jo, Eun A


Kriner, Michael

International relations, peace and conflict, peacebuilding


Mailhot, Cameron

Human rights, identity and conflict, international institutions, transitional justice, post-conflict peace-building and reconstruction, and European politics.

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Obermeier, Nina

International political economy, comparative political economy, global governance, European integration, public opinion


Sahasrabuddhe, Aditi

International Political Economy: global imbalances, monetary policy relations and coordination among states, specifically emerging markets and the US

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Smither, Karim

Civil conflict, Peacekeeping, International Arms Trade, Defense Sector Reform

Roblin, Stephen

U.S. foreign policy, international law, and human rights


Torres-Beltran, Angie


Xiong, Yiying

Chinese politics, Asian security, Nationalism, Comparative Politics

Zhang, Youyi

IR theories, nationalism, Asian security, Chinese foreign policy, political violence, comparative politics, international law



Alkadi-Barbaro, Alexia


Cameron, William

Contemporary democratic theory; politics and aesthetics; history of political thought; China

Chen, Ani

History and historiography of political thought; ancient political thought; theories of judgment and deliberation; theories of silence and listening; feminist theory; 20th century German politics and literature


Coomey, Sarah


Ecker, Jordan

Greenberg, Sarah

Politics of memory, symbolic politics, France/French politics

Gorup, Michael

Democratic theory, history of political thought, revolution and constituent power, critical race theory, political violence, American political thought and development


Jochim, Jordan

Democratic Theory; American Political Thought; Ancient Political Thought; Aesthetics; Politics and Literature


Konya, Nazli

Continental political philosophy, theories of democracy and citizenship, politics of resistance


Park, Jin Gon

Political Theory, pragmatism, democratic theory, American political thought


Petrie, Erik


Phulwani, Vijay

Democratic theory; history of political thought; political realism; internationals relations


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Quish, Edward

The history of modern political thought; capitalism and democratic theory; theories and practices of popular sovereignty; American political development (esp. relationship between economy, state-building, and empire)


Rosenblum, Samuel


Schlosser, Tessy

Contemporary democratic theory and practice (with focus in Latin America); feminist thought; language and politics; political aesthetics and sense perception.

Swanson, Jacob

History of political thought; political theory of the economy; economics and aesthetics; language and politics


Vasko, Timothy

The international - borders, boundaries, and limits; indigenous struggles and sovereignty; settler colonialism and genocide; (inter)disciplinary politics; history of anthropology; anticolonial, postcolonial, and decolonial thought; continental philosophy


Youh, Inni


Zimmer, Daniel

Modern Political Thought; Theories of Sovereignty; Nonviolence; Democratic Theory