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Michael Jones-Correa



Michael Jones-Correa is Professor of Government at Cornell University. He is currently working on several major projects, among them one looking at increasing ethnic diversity of suburbs, and its implication for local and national politics; another continuing the analysis of the 2006 Latino National Survey, a national state-stratified survey of Latinos in the United States for which he was a principal investigator; and collaborative research on inter-ethnic relations in new immigrant-receiving areas in the United States. He is the team leader for the 2010-2013 theme project “Immigration: Settlement, Immigration and Membership,” at the Institute for the Social Sciences at Cornell.


  • Government
  • Latina/o Studies Program

Graduate Fields

  • Government
  • Latino Studies


American politics; political participation and civic engagement; Immigrant incorporation, naturalization and political mobilization; Racial and ethnic politics and identity; Inter-ethnic contact, negotiation and coalition-building in U.S. urban areas; Institutional approaches to urban politics and intergovernmental relations.