Is China catching up to the United States in space?

By: R. Lincoln Hines,  in The Washington Post
Tue, 04/23/2019

Government graduate student R. Lincoln Hines says in this Washington Post opinion piece, which coincided with China's celebration of National Space Day, that some of the country's space goals are of limited strategic or economic value.

"U.S. lawmakers and analysts are growing increasingly concerned about China’s space plans," he writes. "The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, a congressionally mandated group, recently published a report describing China’s pursuit of 'space power status.' "

Nevertheless, there are reasons to doubt that some of China's goals will be accomplished.

"Political scientists often describe China’s policymaking as following a model of “fragmented authoritarianism” — where the central government may propose policies but their implementation is subject to bureaucratic haggling at lower levels of government, which can significantly distort and alter policy outcomes," Hines writes. "Consequently, ambitious space goals articulated by the central government may look very different in their implementation."

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