Matthew Digirolamo: ' Cornell has left me with an enduring interest in exploring and learning about different countries and cultures.'

Sun, 04/23/2017

Matthew Digirolamo

History Government

Brookfield, CT

What was your most profound turning point while at Cornell?

This occurred while I was studying abroad at the University of Oxford, Pembroke College for my junior year. By immersing myself in the city of Oxford as well as engaging with its faculty and students in both academic and social settings, I gained a greater sense of self-confidence and grew to love an entirely new culture and learning environment. I also made many great friends, with whom I travelled throughout Europe and the U.K. and had countless rewarding experiences. I am so thankful that Cornell provided me with the opportunity to study at Oxford.

How did any of your beliefs or interests change during your time at Cornell?

My time at Cornell has left me with an enduring interest in exploring and learning about different countries and cultures. Many of my friends are from places around the world other than the U.S. and I was able to study abroad. These experiences have reinforced my conviction in the value of developing a global perspective on contemporary events and challenges; adopting this broader viewpoint will be invaluable to me throughout my life and career.

What do you value about your liberal arts education?

My liberal arts education has made me a more well-rounded person by broadening my perspective on a variety of subjects such as history, government and English. I’ve also improved my writing, communication and critical thinking skills, which are essential to success in any career that I will choose to follow. I leave Cornell with the knowledge, ability and confidence to pursue a career or graduate program in almost any field. And I believe that is the greatest gift any education can provide.

What are your plans for next year; where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Next year I am really excited to be working as a real estate legal assistant at a New York City law firm in order to gain practical experience in the legal profession before I apply to law school. In 10 years, I hope to have graduated law school and begun practicing as an attorney in an area of law that excites me. I also really hope to return to the University of Oxford, where I studied abroad, to further develop my academic interests.

Matt Digirolamo