What can House Democrats accomplish with new oversight and investigative powers?

By: Douglas L. Kriner,  in The Washington Post
Tue, 11/27/2018

Douglas Kriner, professor of government, discusses in this op-ed in The Washington Post with Eric Schickler the opportunities and challenges facing the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in overseeing the Trump Administration. 

He writes that investigations can reshape politics and policy by spurring Congress to enact new legislation, encourage presidents to make policy concessions to ward off more extreme congressional action and erode presidents' public standing politically. 

"if House Democrats believed the president was genuinely endangering the rule of law, they might still pursue impeachment," he writes. "But with the country almost evenly divided on impeachment, investigators must uncover enough new revelations to move the needle — a daunting challenge given most partisans’ reluctance to change their opinions given new information — or risk triggering an all-out partisan war where all bets are off."

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Douglas Kriner