Next Up for PSAC: Aditi Sahasrabuddhe, Cornell University

Tue, 09/15/2020

Lecture Topic: “This Time It's Personal: The Individual Politics of Central Bank Cooperation in the Global Financial Crisis”

Aditi Sahasrabuddhe is a PhD Candidate in Government (International Relations) at Cornell University, and currently a Global Political Economy Project pre-doctoral fellow at the Mortara Center for International Studies at Georgetown University. Her dissertation, Bankers Without Borders: The Personal Politics of Central Bank Cooperation, explores the question of why and among whom central banks cooperate to manage financial pressures, through the use of currency swaps. She shows that central bank leaders' personal relationships with their foreign counterparts can shape outcomes of crisis management. She has published related work in the Review of International Political Economy; her writing has also appeared in The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage

Aditi Sahasrabuddhe