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Next Up for PSAC: Kai Quek, University of Hong Kong, Sept 22

Tue, 09/19/2017

Dr. Kai QUEK 郭全鎧

Assistant Professor: Ph.D., MIT; B.A., Cornell University. He has studied rationalist causes of war with randomized experiments, historical research, and a comparative analysis of all interstate wars fought in East Asia since 1900. Substantive interests: International strategic interactions, crisis escalation and deescalation, war and peace, East Asia. Methodological interest: Designing experiments and quasi-experiments to answer high-stake questions that are hard to answer with observational data - such as the strategic causes of nuclear war and the effectiveness of signals.

Current research: (i) Signaling between states; (ii) dynamics of deescalation; (iii) nationalism and identity effects in Sino-Japanese disputes (with Alastair Iain Johnston). The third project is an attempt to bridge the rationalist and constructivist traditions in international relations, in order to better understand how identity concerns impact the calculus of conflict.

Current teaching: International Security; Global Political Economy; Research Methodology