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Sofia Franco

Graduate Student

Sofia Franco

Educational Background

  • BA Political Science, University of California, Berkeley (2017)



My research primarily focuses on housing policy in the U.S., particularly as it relates to racial segregation, gentrification and homelessness. I am interested in the historical developments of residential racial segregation and interactions with exploitative market actors in the U.S. I intend to study the consequences of these developments for homeless populations in the Southwest region. More broadly, I am interested in racial and ethnic politics as it relates to Black and Latinx populations across the U.S. In doing this, I hope to build upon existing literature within American Politics, Racial and Ethnic Politics, respectively.


American Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Race, Inequality, Housing Policy, Homelessness/Houselessness, U.S., Racial Capitalism, Poverty, Social Policy 


  • Government


American Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Race & Inequality, Incarceration & Confinement, Homelessness, Coalition Building