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Sidney Tarrow

Maxwell M. Upson Professor of Government

White Hall, Room 201a
214 White Hall

Educational Background

ulliB.A. Syracuse University, 1960, American  Studies  /li liM.A. Columbia University, 1961, Public Law and Government  /li liPh.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1965, Political Science /li /ul


  • Italian Communism (his first book was Peasant Communism in Southern Italy (Yale, 1967)
  • Comparative Communism 
  • Communism in Italy and France (Princeton 1972, ed., with Donald L.M. Blackmer)
  • Comparative Local Politics (Between Center and Periphery, Yale 1978),                     
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Reconstruction of Italian Protest Cycle of the Late 1960's and Early 1970's (Democracy and Disorder (Oxford, 1989))


  • Government

Graduate Fields

  • Government
  • Sociology



ulli2005. The New Transnational Activism. Cambridge University Press. /li li2001. (with Doug Imig, eds.) Contentious Europeans: Protest and Politics in Europeanizing  Polity. Rowman and Littlefield, Inc.  /li li2001. (with Doug McAdam and Charles Tilly) Dynamics of Contention. Cambridge University Press. (trans. Dinamica de la contienda politica. Madrid: Hacer Editorial, 2005).   /li li2001. (with Ron Aminzade, et al.) Silence and Voice in the Study of Contentious Politics.  Cambridge University Press.  /li li2005. (with Donatella della Porta, eds.). Transnational Protest and Global Activism. Lanham, MD: Rowman  Littlefield.   /li li2006 (with Charles Tilly). Contentious Politics. Boulder, CO: Paradigm  Publishers (trans: Politica conflittuale. Milan: Mondadori, 2007). /li liHe is currently completing a book with Charles Tilly called Contentious Politics (Paradigm 2006). Recent work that can be viewed through this website are: a href="""Contention and Institutions in International Politics"/a (2001), a href="""The Dualities of Transnational Contention"/a (2005), a href="""Rooted Cosmopolitans,"/a (2005), all three of which draw from his New Transnational Activism, and a href="""Identity Work"/a from Tilly and Tarrow, Contentious Politics (2006). Tarrow tries to justify the many twists and turns in his career in a href="""Confessions of a Recovering Structuralist"/a (2006), and has recently bolstered his flagging energies by co-authoring articles with Tsveta Petrova (a href="""Transactional and Participatory Activism"/a, 2007) and Jennifer Hadden (a href="""When Barking Dogs Whimper: What Happened to the American Global Justice Movement After Seattle,"/a in press)./li /ul