Ruby French, Hassaan Bin Sabir, and Evin Rothschild

Senior Profiles: Ruby French, Hassaan Bin Sabir, Evin Rothschild

Undergraduate Government majors apply their passion for learning and making a difference in a variety of ways. This year, the Department is showcasing three seniors who have found success both in the classroom and beyond! You can find their stories on our Senior Profiles page. Congratulations to Ruby, Hassaan, and Evin for raising the bar!

White Hall

In fractious times, we reaffirm core principles.  The Government Department at Cornell studies and teaches about intolerance, but will not practice it.  We write about xenophobia and bigotry, but will not pretend they only exist elsewhere.  We research racism, homophobia, and misogyny, but will not permit them to pass unchallenged.  Our role as academics has never been inconsistent with our duty as citizens, and we pledge to honor the rich diversity of our students, staff, and faculty.  Those who come to us—as students, co-workers, and colleagues—must be free to learn and live without fear, and we urge the administration to declare—promptly and forcefully—that Cornell is a sanctuary campus.