Graduate Field Faculty

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David Bateman 
American political institutions/Congress; American political development; Race in American Politics; American constitutionalisms

Richard Bensel
American political development, political economy, state theory, parties and elections

Mabel Berezin
Comparative and Historical Sociology, Culture, Political Institutions and Ideologies, Theory, Qualitative Methods, Economy and Society

Dina Bishara
Comparative Politics. Authoritarianism, state-labor relations, social and protest movements. Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa

Allen Carlson
International relations. Chinese foreign policy

Alexandra Cirone
Comparative Politics. Historical political economy, democratization and party systems in new democracies, and multi-level governance in European politics

Stephen Coate
Political economy; formal theory; campaigns and elections; electoral system

Maria Lorena Cook
Comparative politics: Latin America, Mexico; political economy, comparative labor movements, social movements

Peter Enns
American politics; public opinion; representation; quantitative methods

Matthew Evangelista
International relations; ethical issues in international affairs. Comparative Foreign Policy

Gustavo Flores-Macias
Comparative politics; Research interests: comparative political economy; state building; migration; organized crime

Jason Frank
Political theory, American Political Thought, Democratic Theory

Jill Frank
Ancient Political Thought, Democratic Theory

Sergio Garcia-Rios
American politics; Latina/o politics, immigration, race and ethnics politics, political participation, and political methodology

William Hobbs
American Politics, political methodology

Peter J. Katzenstein
Security policy and political economy; relation between international and domestic politics; Germany in Europe and Japan in Asia

Sabrina M. Karim
Research Interests: conflict, statebuilding, gender, security sector reform, peacekeeping, field experiments

Sarah Kreps
International relations; interstate and intrastate conflict; international cooperation and institutions; nonproliferation studies; post-Cold War international order; international law and the use of force

Douglas L. Kriner
American political institutions and the separation of powers

Adam Levine
American politics; Research interests: political behavior; political participation; campaigns and elections; public opinion

Odette Lienau
International law and international relations; international political economy; sovereign debt; international political and legal theory

Alexander Livingston
History of Political Thought; Democratic Theory; American Political Thought; Pragmatism; Political Ethics; Politics of Nonviolence

Joseph Margulies
Research Interests: American political culture; the national security state; race and criminal justice

Patchen Markell
Contemporary political theory; the history of political thought (especially in Europe and North America); the thought of Hannah Arendt and its transatlantic contexts

Suzanne Mettler
American politics; Minor Public Policy; American political development; public policy; political behavior; gender and politics; race and politics

Jamila Michener
American politics; poverty and inequality; political participation; race and ethnic politics; urban politics; public policy

Richard Miller
Political thought and international relations; ethics of international relations, transnational economic relations & war; social justice, status of economic equality, autonomy and community; global power structure; social movements

Victor Nee
Theory, Economic Sociology, Stratification/Inequality, Immigration and Race, Transitions from State Socialism

Thomas Pepinsky
Comparative politics; international relations; comparative and international political economy; authoritarianism; Southeast Asia

Aziz Rana
American political and constitutional thought; American political development; democratic theory; history of social movements; comparative law of postcolonial states

Kenneth Roberts
Comparative politics. Latin American politics, comparative political economy, party systems and political representation, labor and social movements

Diane Rubenstein
Political Thought; Contemporary continental political theory Derrida, Foucault, Baudrillard, Lacan, Althusser, Bourdieu, Agamben), Psychoanalysis and politics, Political Rhetoric, Western Marxism, Comparative ideology, Visual Studies

M. Elizabeth Sanders
American political development, social movements, regulation, the presidency, urban ecology and politics, domestic sources of foreign policy

Jed Stiglitz
American Politics; law, courts, bureaucracy

Jeremy Wallace
Comparative politics. Authoritarianism, Chinese politics, urbanization, redistribution, and information

Nicolas van de Walle
Comparative politics; Political economy of development, with a special focus on Africa; on democratization, and on the politics of economic reform.

Steven Ward
International Relations, International Security, Great Power Politics, Status in International Relations, Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy

Christopher Way
International relations; International political economy

Jessica Chen Weiss
International Relations; Domestic politics in international relations, Chinese politics and foreign policy, nationalism, xenophobia, and popular protest, state society relations in authoritarian regimes, US-China relations