Graduate Field Faculty

Begüm Adalet
Political Theory; contemporary political theory, history of cold war, political & social thought colonalism and development, US & Middle East

Santiago Anria
Latin American politics; political parties; social movements; labor unions

Oumar Ba
International Relations; law; violence, race, humanity, and world orders in global politics

David Bateman
American Politics; American political institutions/Congress; American political development; Race in American Politics; American constitutionalisms

Richard Bensel
American Politics; American political development, political economy, state theory, parties and elections

Mabel Berezin
Comparative and Historical Sociology; Culture, Political Institutions and Ideologies, Theory, Qualitative Methods, Economy and Society

Dina Bishara
Comparative Politics; authoritarianism, state-labor relations, social and protest movements. Regional focus: Middle East and North Africa

Alexandra Blackman
Comparative Politics; Middle East and North African politics; electoral behavior; gender; religion and culture; comparative political economy

Allen Carlson
International Relations; Chinese foreign policy

Alexandra Cirone
Comparative Politics; historical political economy, democratization and party systems in new democracies, and multi-level governance in European politics

Richard Clark
International Relations; International political economy; international organizations; international finance

Stephen Coate 
Political Economy; formal theory; campaigns and elections; electoral system

Peter Enns
American Politics; public opinion; representation; quantitative methods

Matthew Evangelista
International Relations; ethical issues in international affairs. Comparative Foreign Policy

Gustavo Flores-Macias
Comparative Politics; Research interests: comparative political economy; state building; migration; organized crime

Jason Frank
Political Theory; American Political Thought, Democratic Theory

Jill Frank
Political Theory; Ancient Political Thought, Democratic Theory

William Hobbs
American Politics; political methodology

Peter J. Katzenstein
International Relations; security policy and political economy; relation between international and domestic politics; Germany in Europe and Japan in Asia

Sabrina M. Karim
Comparative Politics; conflict, statebuilding, gender, security sector reform, peacekeeping, field experiments

Sarah Kreps
International Relations; emerging technology; national security; law and conflict

Douglas L. Kriner
American Politics; American political institutions and the separation of powers

Alexander Livingston
Political Theory; History of Political Thought; Democratic Theory; American Political Thought; Pragmatism; Political Ethics; Politics of Nonviolence

Joseph Margulies
American Politics; American political culture; the national security state; race and criminal justice

Patchen Markell
Political Theory; contemporary political theory; the history of political thought (especially in Europe and North America); the thought of Hannah Arendt and its transatlantic contexts

Suzanne Mettler
American Politics; public policy; American political development; political behavior; inequality; democracy; citizenship

Jamila Michener
American Politics; poverty and inequality, political participation, race and ethnic politics, urban politics, public policy

Victor Nee
Political Theory; Economic Sociology, Stratification/Inequality, Immigration and Race, Transitions from State Socialism

Thomas Pepinsky
Comparative Politics; International Relations; comparative and international political economy; authoritarianism; Southeast Asia

Isabel M. Perera
Comparative and American Politics; political economy; welfare state development; inequality; politics of public policy (especially health, labor, and social policy); advanced capitalism

​​​K. Sabeel Rahman
Political Theory; democracy, governance, economic power, political economy paradigms, racial equity, and inequality 

Rachel Beatty Riedl
Comparative Politics; Democracy and Autocracy, Regime Transitions; Religion and Politics; Political Party Systems; Historical Institutionalism; Governance and Decentralization, African Politics

Kenneth Roberts
Comparative Politics; Latin American politics, comparative political economy, party systems and political representation, labor and social movements

Bryn Rosenfeld
Comparative Politics; public opinion, political behavior, democratization, protest, survey methodology, authoritarian regimes, post-communist politics

Jed Stiglitz
American Politics; law, courts, bureaucracy

Jeremy Wallace
Comparative Politics; Authoritarianism, Chinese politics, urbanization, redistribution, and information

Nicolas van de Walle
Comparative Politics; Political economy of development, with a special focus on Africa; on democratization, and on the politics of economic reform.

Christopher Way
International Relations; International political economy

Jessica Chen Weiss
International Relations; Domestic politics in international relations, Chinese politics and foreign policy, nationalism, xenophobia, and popular protest, state society relations in authoritarian regimes, US-China relations