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PSAC is a workshop of the Cornell Department of Government for research in American politics, comparative politics, and international relations. PSAC seminars feature papers from department graduate students and faculty and from scholars at other universities. These sessions allow students, faculty, and guests to engage in lively debate and discussion on diverse topics from different subfields of political science.

All are welcome. Interested graduate students and faculty in any field are encouraged to join us. The workshop meets in-person on most Fridays, from 12:25pm-2:20pm in Sibley 101, featuring the presenters listed below.

For questions regarding 2021-2022 PSAC talks, please contact Michael Kriner (mk2537@cornell.edu).

2021-2022 Schedule

Committee: Sergio Garcia Rios, Alexandra Blackman, Oumar Ba

Fall 2021

September 10 – Nina Obermeier, Cornell University

September 17 – Alex Dyzenhaus, Cornell University

September 24 – Naomi Egel, Cornell University

October 1 – No PSAC

October 8 – Jessica Zarkin, Cornell University

October 15 - Juan Bogliaccini and Rosario Queirolo, Universidad Católica del Uruguay,  “Electoral Outcomes, Ideology & Policy Mood in Uruguay” (co-sponsored event with the Roper Center, NB: to be held in Rhodes Hall 655, Please RSVP via email to mfr47@cornell.edu by Oct. 13th )

October 22 - No PSAC

October 29 - No PSAC (Einaudi Center Event October 28, 1-2:30 PM, Clark Hall 700, Refuge, Refusal, Rights: a conversation with Dr. Lamis Abdelaaty and Dr. Rebecca Hamlin)

November 5 - Yuki Shiraito, University of Michigan 

November 12 - Alexander Barder, Florida International University

November 19 - Jake Grumbach, University of Washington

December 3 - Robbie Shilliam, Johns Hopkins University

Spring 2022

January 28 - Kanisha Bond, SUNY Binghamton

 February 4 - Mayya Komisarchik, University of Rochester

 February 11 - Rachel Myrick, Duke University

 February 18 - Nikhar Gaikwad, Columbia University

 February 25 (February Break) — No PSAC

 March 4 - Seth Masket, University of Denver

 March 11 - Mai Hassan, University of Michigan

 March 18 - Ismail White, Princeton University

 March 25 - Yael Zeira, Syracuse University

 April 1 (Spring Break) — No PSAC

 April 8 (Spring Break) — No PSAC

 April 15 - Tanisha Fazal, University of Minnesota

 April 22 - Pavithra Suryanarayan, Johns Hopkins University

 April 29 - Bethany Albertson, University of Texas-Austin

 May 6 - No PSAC

PSAC generally begins some time within the first few weeks of classes, but as specified in the schedule above, we skip weeks that conflict with other major departmental events, conferences in the discipline, session breaks, or the last week of classes.