Political Theory Workshop

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The Political Theory Workshop at Cornell offers faculty, visiting scholars and graduate students the opportunity to present work in progress to a diverse, interdisciplinary audience. The Workshop features presenters and participants from a wide array of fields, including philosophy, history, ethics, social theory, classics, literature, and other related disciplines. Papers are distributed in advance and participants come prepared to discuss them in detail.

Unless otherwise noted, the Workshop meets on selected Thursdays from 4:45-6:15pm on Cornell’s campus at the A.D. White House, room 201.

  • Faculty Coordinator: Diane Rubenstein
  • Graduate Student Coordinator (AY 2018-19): Daniel Zimmer (

To join the Workshop listserv or make a request or comment, please email the Graduate Student Coordinator.

For AY 2018-19, the Cornell Political Theory Workshop is generously supported by:

The Africana Studies and Research Center ∙ The American Studies Program ∙ The Department of Comparative Literature ∙ The Department of English ∙ The Department of German Studies ∙ The History of Capitalism Initiative ∙ The Department of History ∙ The Latina/o Studies Program ∙ The Law School ∙ The Jewish Studies Program ∙ The Department of Romance Studies ∙ The Society for the Humanities ∙ Program for Ethics and Public Life

The Workshop schedule for AY 2018-19 is as follows:


Sept 27 — Angelica Bernal, University of Massachussetts Amherst

Oct 11 — Robin Celikates, University of Amsterdam

Nov 15 — Bernard Harcourt, Columbia University

Nov 29 — Jin Park, Cornell University



Feb 21 — Avigail Eisenberg, University of Victoria

Mar 7 — Sam Chambers, John Hopkins University

Mar 26 — Elizabeth Markovits, Mount Holyoke College

Apr 11 — Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson, The University of Memphis

Apr 25 — Yves Winter, McGill University

May 2 — Shalini Satkunanandan, University of California Davis