Job Market Candidates

Hire a Cornell Ph.D.

Our doctoral students are trained in all the main fields of the discipline and have extensive research and teaching experience. Government graduates have gone on to outstanding careers in higher education, public service, and the private sector. Again this year, we are proud to have outstanding students on the job market. Brief sketches of our placement candidates are available below. We also include their contact information. Some students maintain their own page with more detailed information regarding their preparation and strengths.

If you have questions about graduate student placement, please contact the Graduate Field Assistant, Tina Slater or the Director of Graduate Placement, Christopher Way.

Job Market Candidates:

William Cameron

Democratic theory; history of political and social thought; socialism and liberalism; Chinese political thought; comparative political theory; populism and totalitarianism.

Ani Chen

History of Political Thought, Feminist Theory, Contentious Politics
Ani's Web Page

Alex Dyzenhaus              

Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Land Redistribution, African Politics, Elections
Alex's Web Page

Jordan Ecker

History of modern political thought, democratic theory, liberalism, critical theory
Jordan's Web Page

Julie George

Emerging Technologies, International Security, the Political Economy of Security, Wargaming, and Social Media
Julie's Web Page

Sarah Greenberg

Jewish political thought, authority, dis/obedience, dissent, religion and politics, democratic theory
Sarah's Web Page

Jordan Jochim

Classical Greek Political Thought and Culture; Tyranny in the History of Political Thought; African-American Political Thought; Modern Political Thought; Democratic Theory
Jordan's Web Page

Michael Kriner

Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding, Political Violence, International Security, International Interventions, Foreign Security Assistance
Michael's Web Page

Lin Le

Authoritarianism and Democracy, Populism, Political Development, Chinese Politics
Lin's Web Page

Joshua Meyer-Gutbrod

Federalism,  Public Policy, Parties and Polarization, State Politics
Joshua's Web Page

Vincent Mauro

Inequality, Redistribution, Social Policy, Democracy, Political Institutions, Political Behavior, Political Parties and Party Systems
Vincent's Web Page

Jin Gon Park 

Liberal Political Thought, Democratic Theory, American Political Thought, British Political Thought, Aesthetics and Politics, Religion and Politics
Jin's Web Page

Jacob Swanson

Modern and Contemporary Social Theory, Political Economy, Theories of (In)justice, Capitalism and Incarceration
Jake's Web Page

Angie Torres-Beltran

Gender and politics, violence, political behavior
Angie's Web Page

Daniel Zimmer

Ecological Political Theory, Anthropogenic Existential Risk, Theories of Humankind as a Whole, Nuclear Weapons, Artificial Intelligence, The Cold War Enlightenment
Dan's Web Page

Placement Record

Our graduate students have secured a number of impressive academic positions. The last ten years of graduate placements are listed below.


  • Michael Allen, Stanford University
  • Jiwon Baik, Trinity College Dublin
  • Ani Chen, Cornell University*
  • Colin Chia, University of Victoria
  • Alex Dyzenhaus, University of Cape Town*
  • Jordan Ecker, Harvard University*
  • Tessa Evans, New College, Oxford*
  • Thalia Gerzso, University of York
  • Sarah Greenberg, Harvard University*
  • Eun A Jo, William and Mary College, postdoc at Dartmouth University
  • Lin Le, Clements Center for National Security, University of Texas Austin
  • Shiqi Ma, Colorado College
  • Jacob Swanson, US Commission on Civil Rights
  • Angie Torres-Beltran, Michigan State*
  • Gloria Xiong, Colby College
  • Daniel Zimmer, Stanford's Civics, Liberal, and Global Education*


  • Michael Allen, Harvard University*
  • Minqi Chai, Senior UX Researcher, a boutique company Ventera
  • Ani Chen, Cornell University*
  • Julie George, Harvard University*
  • Julius Lagodny, El Pato, Germany (media company)
  • Cameron Mailhot, University of Arkansas and postdoc at Dartmouth
  • Vincent Mauro, University of Michigan*
  • Lindsey Pruett, Lousiana State University
  • Erica Salinas, Rutgers-Newark University
  • Tessy Schlosser, Mexican Jewish Documentation and Research Center, in Mexico City
  • Angie Torres-Beltran, University of Arkansas*


  • Richard Barton, Syracuse University*
  • Debak Das, University of Denver
  • Alex Dyzenhaus, University of Toronto*
  • Naomi Egel, University of Georgia
  • Nazli Konya, Colby College
  • Claire Leavitt, Smith College
  • Nina Obermeier, King's College
  • Jose Tomas Sanchez-Gomez, USAID Program at Insituto Desarrolo
  • Darin Self, Brigham Young University
  • Jimena Valdez-Tappata, University of London
  • Jessica Zarkin-Notni, Claremont McKenna College
  • Daniel Zimmer, Stanford University*


  • Colin Cepuran, Senior Research Policy Analyst at Harris County Administration
  • Debak Das, Stanford University*
  • Matthew Hill, Assessments Analyst with the National Assessment Bureau in the Prime Minister Cabinet, New Zealand
  • Robert Lincoln Hines, Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base
  • Jordan Jochim, University of Chicago*
  • Nazli Konya, Colby College*
  • Jin Gon Park, Sungshin Women's University in Seoul*
  • Stephen Roblin, Office of Legislative Oversight at the Montgomery County Council (Maryland).
  • Aditi Sahasrabuddhe, Wellesley University
  • Erica Salinas, University of Texas at Austin*


  • Michael Allen, Jackson Institute at Yale*
  • Mariel Barnes, University of Wisconsin
  • Colin Chia, Princeton University*, Waterloo University*
  • Alexander Matovski, Naval Postgraduate School
  • David de Micheli, University of Utah
  • Pauliina Patana, Harvard University*,Georgetown University
  • Rumela Sen, Columbia University*
  • Jin Gon Park, Sungshin Women's University in Seoul*
  • Elizabeth Plantan, Stetson University
  • Catherine Reyes-Housholder, Universidad Católica
  • Timothy Vasko, Barnard College
  • Maria Jimena Valdez-Tappata, European Institute of the London School of Economics*
  • Nicole Weygandt, Head of Strategic Development at Spacewell


  • Elizabeth Acorn, University of Toronto
  • Nolan Bennett, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • Manfred Elfstrom, UBC Okanagan
  • David de Micheli, Tulane University*
  • Sebastian Dettman, Singapore Management University
  • Michael Gorup, New College of Florida
  • Don Leonard, Ohio State University
  • Wendy Leutert, Indiana University
  • Thibaud Marcesse, Boston College
  • Edward Quish, Hobart William & Smith
  • Catherine Reyes-Housholder, Chile's Fondecyt*
  • Jing Tao, United Nations
  • Whitney Taylor, San Francisco State University
  • Timothy Vasko, American Philosophical Society*
  • Nicole Weygandt, Northwestern University*
  • Diane Wong, Rutgers University/Newark
  • Youyi Zhang, PRC State Council Development Research Center


  • Elizabeth Acorn, Yale University*
  • Caitlin Ambrozik, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
  • Stephen Blings, Utah State University
  • Katrina Browne, Microsoft
  • Audrey Comstock, Arizona State University
  • Sebastian Dettman, Stanford University*
  • Manfred Elfstrom, University of Southern California*
  • Diego Fossati, City University of Hong Kong
  • Mariana Giusti-Rodriguez, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Michael Gorup, University of Pennsylvania*
  • Pinar Kemerli, New York University*
  • Wendy Leutert, Columbia-Harvard China*
  • Thibaud Marcesse, King's College, London*
  • Sarah Maxey, Loyola University
  • Joshua Meyer-Gutbrod, University of California at Santa Barbara*
  • Martijn Mos, Leiden University
  • Elizabeth Plantan, Harvard University*
  • Delphia Shanks-Booth, Hendrix College
  • Timothy Vasko, Barnard College*
  • Martha Wilfahrt, University of California at Berkeley
  • Diane Wong, New York University*


  • Steffen Blings, Oberlin College*
  • Christopher Cairns, Center for Naval Analyses
  • Aileen Cardona, Pace University
  • Amanda Cheney, Lund University*
  • Audrey Comstock, Arizona State University*
  • David Cortez, Notre Dame University
  • Pinar Kemerli, University of South Florida*
  • Natalie Letsa, University of Oklahoma
  • Wendy Leutert, University of Pennsylvania*
  • Alex Matovski, Williams College*
  • Sarah Maxey, University of Pennsylvania*
  • Catherine Reyes-Housholder, Universidad Diego Portales*
  • Mariano Sanchez-Talanquer, CIDE (Department of Political Science at the Center for Economics Research and Teaching
  • Rumela Sen, Columbia University*
  • Elton Skendaj, Manchester University
  • Gregory Thaler, University of Georgia
  • Nicole Weygandt, Princeton University*


  • Nolan Bennett, Georgetown University*
  • Kevin Duong, Bard College
  • Aileen Cardona, Southern Methodist University*
  • Manfred Elfstrom, Harvard University*
  • Berk Esen, Bilkent University
  • Diego Fossati, Griffith University*
  • Triveni Gandhi, Research Specialist, Executive Office of Andrew Cuomo
  • Janice Gallaher, Rutgers
  • Lauren Honig, Notre Dame University* and then Boston College
  • Isaac Kardon, Naval War College
  • Pinar Kemerli, Brown University*
  • Aleksandar Matovski, Harvard University*
  • Rumela Sen, Soka University of America*
  • Mallory Sorelle, Lafayette College
  • Silvana Toska, Davidson College*


  • Robert Braun, Northwestern University
  • Berk Esen, Sabancı University*
  • Diego Fossati, National University of Singapore*
  • Sinja Graf, National University of Singapore
  • Erin Hern, College of Idaho
  • Pinar Kemerli, The Roger Mudd Center for Ethics in Washington and Lee University*
  • Igor Logvinenko, Wellesley College
  • Takaaki Masaki, College of William & Mary*, then World Bank
  • Aleksandar Matovski, Stanford University*
  • Danielle Thomsen, Syracuse University
  • Martha Wilfahrt, Northwestern University*


  • Nolan Bennett, Duke University*
  • Michael Dichio, Fort Lewis College
  • Janice Gallagher, Brown University post-doc
  • Sinja Graf, Koç University*
  • Desmond Jagmohan, Princeton University
  • Gaurav Kampani, University of Tulsa
  • Pinar Kemerli, Bard College*
  • Igor Logvinenko, Columbia University post-doc
  • Deondra Rose, Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy
  • Alexis Walker, Stetson University


*=Visiting, Post-doc, Lecturer, Faculty Fellow, Term positions