Adam Levine wins two American Political Science Association awards

Adam Seth Levine, assistant professor of government, has won two awards from the American Political Science Association (APSA), the leading professional organization for the study of political science. The awards will be presented in Philadelphia at the beginning of September.

The first award was the 2016 Experimental Research Section Award for Best Book for Levine’s “American Insecurity: Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction,” published by Princeton Press in 2015.

He has also been awarded the 2016 Paul Lazarsfeld Best Paper in Political Communications Award from the APSA Political Communication Section, along with his co-author Yanna Krupnikov (Stony Brook University), for “Citizen Engagement (and Disengagement) in Response to Social Ills.” The awards committee called the paper “interesting, important, well-written, and carefully executed.”

Levine’s research and teaching focus largely on questions of political communication -- how the language used to describe policies, social problems, and American politics more generally affects the attitudes that people hold and their willingness to become politically active. He looks at topics fundamental to the democratic process, such as how individuals form political preferences, when they spend scarce resources expressing those preferences, and why we observe some kinds of policy change and not others.

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