To support Ukraine, the West must unleash the full power of the IMF and World Bank

In a commentary in Fortune, Sarah Kreps, the John L. Wetherill Professor of government, writes that the U.S. and NATO policymakers are navigating a tight balancing act as Russia continues its deadly onslaught in Ukraine.

“They must signal their resolve to help Ukraine, deter additional Russian moves westward, and avoid a direct military confrontation with a nuclear power,” Kreps writes in the piece with co-authors Richard Clark and Don Casler. “Several critics have called for more military support, whether by establishing a no-fly zone or providing Ukraine with additional weaponry. However, there is another tool that the West has yet to take full advantage of–a non-military option that minimizes the risk of escalation but can have a tremendous role in sidelining Russia’s war machine: International financial institutions.”

Read the story in Fortune. 

Photo by Taras Gren/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Creative Commons license 2.0.

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