When Cornellians come together on Giving Day, they can change the course of the future.

In today's complex and ever-changing world, understanding domestic and global politics is imperative. Cornell's Department of Government addresses politics -- its trends, puzzles, and possibilities -- through exciting, original, and innovative research and teaching. As a friend of the Department, you have played an important role in making the Department one of the most impactful in the world.

March 16 is Cornell’s Giving Day. This is an excellent opportunity to support the Department’s teaching and research missions. One of the biggest departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and Cornell's only comprehensive political science department, the Department of Government supports and augments its operations with direct gifts from people like you.

Your gifts bring in outside speakers, underwrite undergraduate honors thesis projects, enhance classroom activities, advance graduate student research, promote engagement with our local and global communities, replace research infrastructure, like computers, and more. Gifts of all sizes help us achieve and expand our annual goals.

We hope you choose to give to the Department of Government.

Cornell alumni, parents, and friends help us make a difference for those who turn to the Department for the education they need to inform and guide the leaders of today as well as for those we educate today to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Donate on March 16.


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