Why don't all cities with high rates of crime get the same Trump treatment?

President Trump recently announced that he will send hundreds of additional federal agents to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, adding to the deployments already present in Portland, Oregon, write Steve Israel, professor of practice in the government department and Doug Kriner, Clinton Rossiter Professor of American Studies in government, in an op-ed on CNN. In an Oval Office gathering on July 20, Trump connected these cities and others run by Democrats to “radical left.”

“If the President were really worried about bringing law and order to cities with high rates of violent crimes, he would also send the agents to — wait for it — Oklahoma City,” Israel and Kriner write in the piece. “Despite having almost exactly the same number of residents as Portland, Oklahoma City had a violent crime rate 67% higher and a murder rate more than double that of Portland, according to the most recent complete FBI statistics from 2018. Or the President might consider a recent rally host: Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2018, Tulsa's was double Portland's and its murder rate more than triple.”

Read the story on the CNN website.

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