Adrienne Scott

Graduate Student


Adrienne Scott is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Government at Cornell University. She specializes in studies of inequality and social welfare policy. Her research interests span across fields of race and ethnic politics, gender politics, and public opinion.  Although her primary area is American Politics, she also studies similar topics in a comparative context as well. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, Adrienne focused on education programming. She developed children’s literacy and homework help programs at New York Cares and provided administrative support to the College and Career Readiness team at New Visions for Public Schools.

Research Focus

Most broadly, Adrienne’s dissertation investigates understandings of citizenship—social and civic status. She takes a mixed-methods approach, combining survey analyses and interviews, to explore how views of citizenship differ by race and gender and to examine the underlying processes driving these differences. Adrienne integrates literatures of the welfare state, policy feedback, and intersectionality to examine the ways in which how the programmatic features of US social welfare policies influence political outcomes and how Americans understand their positioning in this polity. Although her project examines how outcomes may differ for people across racial, gender, and class backgrounds, it centers the experiences of Black women.