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Ani Chen

Graduate Student

Ani Chen

Educational Background

  • MA, Political Science University of Toronto
  • BA, Political Science and German Studies, Bryn Mawr College



Informed by aesthetic theory and philosophy of language, my research seeks to answer the questions “Who gets a say in politics and why?” and “Which voices are listened to and how?” I write about these questions primarily by putting canonical works in the history of political thought into dialogue with works of literature. I also maintain research interests in the manifestations of these questions in contemporary social protest, activism, and political resistance with a regional focus on Europe (Germany, France, and Greece).



history of political thought, feminist theory, contentious politics



  • Government


History and Historiography of Political Thought; Ancient Political Thought; Theories of Judgment and Deliberation; Theories of Silence and Listening; Feminist Theory; 20th Century German Politics and Literature