Diane S. Rubenstein

Professor Emerita


Professor Rubenstein’s research and teaching addresses the critical interaction between continental theory (primarily French, German, and Italian) and contemporary manifestations of ideology in Franco-American political culture. Her research focus is political rhetoric and she has investigated the media disclosure of the covert operation in France (Rainbow Warrior -- Greenpeace) and American (Iran--Contra), which have been published in anthologies.

Research Focus

  • Contemporary Continental Theory: poststructuralism, practice theory (de Certeau, Bourdieu), deconstruction, semiotics, psychoanalysis, postmodernism, French feminism, media theory (film and photography), theories of sexuality/gender, western Marxism.
  • Political Language: political rhetoric, literary theory, literature and politics, institutional rhetorics.
  • American Studies: American political and popular culture, American presidential politics, race, (trans)gender and American identity.
  • Comparative Politics of Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy): comparative fascisms, intellectuals in politics.
  • Nineteenth and early twentieth century French and German political thought.