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Diane S. Rubenstein

Professor Emerita

Diane S. Rubenstein

White Hall, Room 102A


Professor Rubenstein’s research and teaching addresses the critical interaction between continental theory (primarily French, German, and Italian) and contemporary manifestations of ideology in Franco-American political culture. Her research focus is political rhetoric and she has investigated the media disclosure of the covert operation in France (Rainbow Warrior -- Greenpeace) and American (Iran--Contra), which have been published in anthologies.


  • Government
  • American Studies Program

Graduate Fields

  • Government
  • Romance Studies


  • Contemporary Continental Theory: poststructuralism, practice theory (de Certeau, Bourdieu), deconstruction, semiotics, psychoanalysis, postmodernism, French feminism, media theory (film and photography), theories of sexuality/gender, western Marxism.

  • Political Language: political rhetoric, literary theory, literature and politics, institutional rhetorics.

  • American Studies: American political and popular culture, American presidential politics, race, (trans)gender and American identity.

  • Comparative Politics of Western Europe (France, Germany, Italy): comparative fascisms, intellectuals in politics.

  • Nineteenth and early twentieth century French and German political thought.