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Gaurav Toor

Graduate Student

Gaurav Toor

Educational Background

  • BS in Economics, Trinity College (2014), MA in Government, Cornell University (2017)


I am a PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics where I specialize in African politics. I am studying the relationship between local ethnic demography and violence. My research is supported by EAP, Engaged Cornell, and IAD.


Political Violence, Civil Wars, African Politics, Spatial Analysis, Econometrics


  • Government


Violence and Civil Wars

My queries are motivated by the need to address, and hopefully decrease, political violence. 

I am currently researching two questions: a) Does local ethnic demography influence violence? and b) During post-civil war reconstruction, how do deaths impact the survival of peace?

For the first question, I am using Kenya as a case study to built original datasets of local ethnic demography. I then ask if it effects the spatial variation of violence.  

As for the second,  I am introducing a new variable, “Peace Deaths,” to understand the impact of deaths on the survival of post-civil war peace.