Georgy Tarasenko

Graduate Student


I am a [upcoming] first-year Ph.D. student in the subfield of Comparative Politics. My multidisciplinary research interests explore the intersection of political economy, cliometrics, and public opinion, focusing on understanding political attitudes, attitudinal legacies, and authoritarian politics and elections. Moreover, I am interested in understanding public opinion within autocracies, concentrating on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union region.

My several research projects are dedicated to the historical political economy of the Late Russian Empire. In the first one, I explore the interplay between the religious identity of Old Believers and political preferences using the cases of pre-communist Russia and contemporary Brazil. Under the second project, I explore the institution of Russian serfdom by collecting micro-level archival data. In one of the contemporary political economy projects, I study political preferences in Russian closed military cities in the 1990s.

Research Focus

Historical political economy, cliometrics, the political economy of authoritarianism, public opinion in autocracies, attitudinal legacies, Russian politics