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Jacob Harris

Graduate Student

Jacob Harris

Educational Background

B.A. in Political Science at Brigham Young University in 2019



American politics, Public opinion, Criminal justice, Mass incarceration, Political psychology, Heuristics, Voting behavior, Elections


  • Government


Jacob’s research interests broadly center around American politics with a specific emphasis on criminal justice policy, public opinion, and political psychology. He has published his work on public opinion and police officers in the Journal of Criminal Justice. Another project which examines the intersections between religion, racial prejudice, and punitive sentiment toward criminals is currently under review. His primary current project will examine the political implications of prison building in rural America. Jacob is passionate about criminal justice reform and volunteers with the criminal justice nonprofit Recidiviz and looks forward to participating in the Cornell Prison Education Program. During his free time, Jacob enjoys a good book, playing tennis, and spending time with his wife and daughter.