Roper Center expands access to America’s Voice Project

The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University has partnered with Tompkins County Public Library (TCPL) to provide TCPL card-holders access to America’s Voice Project, a database of polling research dating back to the 1930s. Library patrons can now access America’s Voice Project through TCPL’s research database page.

“Our vision for making public opinion available to the public has continued to evolve from a concept to reality,” said Peter Enns, director of the Roper Center and associate professor of government in the College of Arts & Sciences.  “In an era where fake news intermingles with fact, misrepresentation of public opinion has become especially prominent and it is our hope that by making this data – this historical context – available, we can encourage the distribution of valid and reliable information on public sentiment in America.”

With a mission to collect, preserve, and disseminate only the most methodologically sound polling data, the Roper Center and the America’s Voice Project offer educators, journalists, researchers and civic-minded members of the public access to over 700,000 question results on a broad range of topics, including sports, politics and government, world conflict, healthcare, immigration, science and technology, economics, civil rights, the environment, and more.  The archive is updated daily and features data from as early as 1935 from the most reputable sources for public polling, such as Gallup, Pew, ABC News, The New York Times, AP, CBS News, FannieMae, AARP, USA Today, the Kaiser Family Foundation, Monmouth University, the Washington Post, and many others.

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		 Library stacks in the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (RCPOR). Credit: Robert Barker (UREL)