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Christopher Robert Way

Associate Professor

Christopher Robert Way

White Hall, Room 306


Professor Way is an Associate Professor of Government.  His research and teaching interests include international relations and international/comparative political economy.


  • Government

Graduate Fields

  • Government
  • Peace Studies and Peace Science
  • Public Affairs


  • international/comparative political economy
  • international relations
  • political economy of OECD democracies. These focus on the triad of organized labor, partisanship of government, and central bank independence
  • political business cycle, focusing on the effects of electoral cycles -- and the desire to stay in power more generally -- on policy making in a number of issue areas in international political economy;  effects of political insecurity on policymaking -exchange rates, trade negotiations, and financial market liberalization
  • testing theories of WMD proliferation, initially by brining quantitative methods to bear on this almost exclusively qualitative research agenda, and eventually by integrating quantitative and qualitative methods in a more comprehensive study.
  • assessing the relationship between the economic interdependence and conflict -military conflict, economic disputes


Fall 2021